ACT2 Technologies, LLC is an innovative company dedicated to reclamation and the conservation of water worldwide.  Our systems are designed to produce acceptable water quality for any application or governing body.

ACT2 Technologies specializes in water reuse and closed loop remediation technology.  This technique allows waste and toxic waters to be purified and reused for flushing toilets or openly discharged for irrigation purposes or other applications.

Laundry facilities are large water consumers.  ACT2 Systems will not only purify the water for continuous reuse, they will reduce your water usage by almost 100%, eliminate hot water usage, as well as harmful and costly detergents, thus increasing the life of your fabrics.

ACT2 Technologies specialize in the following:

  • Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Purification of Toxic Wastewater

  • Neutralization of Landfill Leachate and Toxic Chemical Removal

  • Waste Water Purification

  • Zero discharge Systems.

  • Closed Loop Water Systems

  • Laboratory Documented “Waste to Water” Systems:

ACT2 Technologies is an Innovative company with decades of research, development and hands-on experience with land, space, and marine applications behind its founders, Alfredo Teran (Retired NASA Engineer) and Capt. Craig Tafoya (Project Development and Retired Captain of the 316′ yacht, “Limitless”).

Piranha Zero Discharge Systems Are Endorsed By:  www.SaveOurSeas.com