Marine Piranha


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Some of the vessels with Piranha WRS Systems


The PIRANHA series of Marine Sanitation Devices (13 units) has been approved by USCG authorized laboratories to meet the current discharge standards set by the USCG 227.64 and IMO MEPC 227(64) as well as the Safety Coliform Count: (Recirculating).  The output water is suitable for re-circulating, which means the vessel can remain in a zero discharge zone indefinitely, worldwide, without the inconvenience (and cost) of either pumping out or having to travel 12 miles offshore to discharge. ACT2 Technologies PIRANHA Systems are designed by Marine Engineers, for Marine Engineers, to eliminate the nasty job of continually cleaning and removing sludge from the unit or vessel, continually replacing the costly charcoal filters or carrying large amounts of chlorine (a known carcinogen) on board.  Shipyards, builders, and vessel owners should consider the end-user (Marine Engineers) when deciding on a Waste Treatment System and cleaning raw waste from MBR systems on a regular basis is not a pleasant job for any Engineer. Piranha is leading the way in effluent standards, with no harmful chemicals being added you can rest assured that by having a system installed you are not only meeting existing and future discharge standards but also helping to protect our oceans and their ecosystems both inside and outside the new 12 mile discharge limit.  A Piranha System should be your last upgrade. Piranha system transited from the older 159(55) regulations to the latest 227(64) regulations with NO equipment  or software modifications required. Our Piranha Systems are expected to meet all future standards as well. NOTE: EPA  testing has found “Chlorine oxidizes certain types of organic matter in wastewater, creating more hazardous compounds (e.g., trihalomethanes [THM’s])“. Trihalomethane is a known Carcinogen. We suggest keeping this in mind when selecting your next MSD unit. Before you compare the Price, compare the Differences:

  • Piranha Systems do not use chlorine or other chemicals
  • Piranha Systems do not require the problematic (continually clogging) charcoal filters to remove chlorine (These filters are designed to remove chlorine, not Suspended Solids)
  • Piranha Systems do not require the regular sludge cleaning and removal
  • Piranha Systems meet the more stringent EPA standards for Land based system Treatment Plants (many others do not)
  • Piranha Systems do NOT use PVC Plumbing (all Stainless steel construction)
  • Piranha Systems do NOT use the “Dilution” method for achieving the legal Fecal Coliform discharge limits (not legal for shore Treatment Plants)
  • Piranha Systems effluent discharge not only exceeds rainwater quality, the effluent exceeds the EPA water reuse standards as well
  • Piranha Systems can be operated and diagnosed in Real Time by the factory for troubleshooting or if the engineers or shipyards have questions.
  • A typical footprint of a 10-40 person Piranha System measures 49” by 30” (Tank shapes may be changed to a certain degree)

Capacities below will increase by +-40% with Vacuum Systems. MODELS “A” to “D” BELOW


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