System Comparison

There are many systems on the market today with pricing from low to high. When shopping for a system you must compare not only the initial cost, but what the system can do, and for how long it is designed to do it. Changing one system out for another in an existing vessel is not an easy task.  Therefore, it is wise to look into the longevity of the components as well as the ease of acquiring replacement parts. Out first Piranha systems are the same systems that are manufactured today.  This means that our old systems will meet the latest IMO/MEPC and US Coast Guard Standards put in place in 2016.  We expect the systems to comply with future regulation changes as well, which is why we build them out of long lasting Stainless Steel.

NOTE: The EPA has published a White Paper on the mixing of Sodium Hypochlorite, better know as Bleach or CHLORINE in wastewater.  Results show that Chlorine in Wastewater produces a Carcinogen known as TRIHALOMETHANES (THMs).  Beware of systems that add “Sodium Hypochlorite” or produce it from seawater for their systems.

EPA White Paper – EPA on Chlorine in Wastewater


Below is a checklist that you can print and tick off while choosing your next Sanitation Device whether it is for land or sea.  All systems are Certified for Marine Applications Worldwide andwill work for land based applications as well.


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