One section of the massive Leviathan Project arrives into Israel with Two 40m3 Piranha units on board.


Lady Kathryn V Successfully installs a 11m3/day Fresh Water RO plant to produce “Free”, 48 ppm spot-free, washdown water directly from a WRS-10 unit.  Supply water to the RO plant is from their Piranha WRS-10 (10m3/day) system installed in early 2016.  The RO plant automatically turns on when the 11 liter tank fills and produces ultra pure water for spot-free washdown without depleting precious water from their Potable water tank.  Lady Kathryn V also use this ultra pure water for their water slide.

Another WRS-24 (24m3) unit is in the testing stage for the normal 2 weeks.  This unit is yet another system being shipped to the same builder in the Netherlands.  Testing will continue until the third week of August should anyone be interested in seeing a system process wastewater.

May/June 2019

ACT2 Successfully builds and tests the first Grey Water Recovery System for use as ultra-pure water in Vessel Washdown Tanks and to eliminate water spotting after washdowns. Smaller systems can also be used for smaller vessels, RV water reuse, or clean water discharge in remote areas.  The system can be added to all ACT2 Piranha WRS -XXX systems to eliminate the use of washdown water depleting the vessel Potable water tanks.