ACT2 Technologies have produced various systems for:

  • Hog and Dairy Farms – Hog Waste and Sludge was digested and turned into reuse water for the hogs. Strict requirements were enforced to insure the water quality was fit for human consumption.
  • Laundry Water Reuse –  Water Reclamation Systems for large laundry facilities to eliminate 90% of the water usage in Hotels, Laundry Mats, Hospitals, etc.
  • Land-Fill Leachate –  Removal of Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFC) from a Land-fill to remove this PFC Carcinogens from the Leachate in order to keep them from entering the surrounding bodies of water as well as ground waters, wells and aquifer.   The very small PFC molecules were separated from the Leachate so the land-fill could dispose of them accordingly.
  • RV’s and Buses –  Smaller systems to close-loop RV and Bus wastewater.  Wastewater is converted to pure water for toilet re-flushing and Zero Dump.
  • Land Based Systems – Portable self contained units for Porta-Potties and Mobile Restrooms that are Zero Pump out as the wastewater is digested to clean re-use water.
  • The Mega-Yacht Industry – MANY systems on Mega-Yachts from 50m to well over 100m in length.