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ACT2 Technologies, founded by Capt. Craig Tafoya and Alfredo Teran were successful NASA Engineers who developed several uses of Ozone for the Kennedy Space Center. After leaving NASA, Teran, developed biological systems to digest organic waste to pure water using Biological and Ozone processes.

One of the many systems developed by Teran was the DRAGONFLY system which used a biological process as well as Ozone to digest sewage to pure water. In 2008, Captain Tafoya joined Teran as a worldwide DRAGONFLY Marine Distributer/Dealer to introduce the systems to the Marine Market.

Another system developed by the Dragonfly team was a process to biologically digest an entire animal (bones, cartilage, hair, meat, etc.) to water in just a couple of days. This process was developed to eliminate diseased animals with no traces of DNA.

In 2008 the International Superyacht Society awarded the Dragonfly System the first “Excellence in Innovation Award” for the Dragonfly Systems.

Knowing that Ozone was not an ideal solution for a closed environment, Tafoya redesigned the Dragonfly System and presented the design to Teran. A decision was made to build a unit at Tafoya’s facility in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In 2009 the new system was tested by three independent laboratories and found the product water not only surpassed the Dragonfly system for water quality, but it also surpassed the water quality for the city of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and without the use of chemicals.

The third lab to test the water was also a U.S, Coast Guard approved lab that was qualified to certify the system for the 159(55) (now 227(64)) regulations that came into play on January 1st, 2010. This Lab was commissioned and 13 units were USCG, IMO/MEPC certified under the new regulations.

In Late 2009 both Alfredo T. and Craig T. formed ACT2 Technologies together as equal partners.

Tafoya with 40 years in the yachting industry and a strong engineering and design background moved forward with ACT2.

At conception The ACT2 systems were ahead of their time. When the newer, more stringent regulations were passed, the ACT2 Technologies and WR systems already met the new specifications with NO equipment modifications, equipment changes, or equipment testing. ACT2 did not need to go back to the drawing board and start over.

This means the ACT2 WRS IMO Resolution 227(64) units have been in production longer than others.

Sadly, both Tafoya and Teran have passed, but ACT2 is still moving forward and growing as a WOSB.

Craig Tafoya’s wife, Mary Tafoya, who is carrying on as CEO is forever grateful to Craig and Alfredo for their hard work and vision over the years.  Their work has ensured our strong team of professionals that are in place today, and makes ACT2 the success that it is today.

The ACT2 team is always looking toward the future and is eager to continue on the path set forth by ACT2’s founders. ACT 2’s stance is for a green environment. We must protect the “natural resource” of water. ACT2 is helping our environment by cleaning this resource and offering a way of reuse. Protecting our most valuable commodity “WATER”.