Marine (MSD’s)

The ACT2 Marine Sanitation Devices MSD’s were designed around the latest land-based technology for Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plants where water reuse and reclamation are normal. IMO, MEPC and USCG MARPOL rulings take into account the ability to pump into a body of water that will dilute the contaminants that land-based facilities need to totally eliminate.

The ACT2 MSD not only eliminates all bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens, it also biologically digests these micro-solids into water so there is NO SLUDGE to store or pump overboard or ashore.

The ability to turn the vessel’s sewage into reusable water opens many doors.

  • No need to turn the MSD off while swimmers are in the water.
  • No sewage smell going up the vent and ending up on the deck for the yacht owner to notice
  • The discharge water can be used for re-flushing heads, technical water, or wash-down operations
  • No need to mess with down-stream sewage discharges that are still contaminated with bacteria and viruses
  • The ability to help us SAVE OUR OCEANS!! Just being “Legal” does NOT mean “no pollution”. There are systems on the market today that macerate, dilute and then pump over. NOT ACT2! ACT2 is a closed loop system, with NO Dilution or Pollution.

Three 32m³ Systems