Marine Piranha


The Piranha Marine Sanitation Devices MSD’s were designed around the latest land-based technology for Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plants where water re-use and reclamation is normal.  IMO, MEPC and USCG MARPOL rulings take into account the ability of pumping into a body of water that will dilute the contaminants that land-based facilities are not allowed to do. Therefore, Piranha systems to NOT dilute the discharge, but clean the water to superior standards prior to discharging overboard.

  • Piranha Units are fully complaint with USCG, IMO, MEPC.227(64) AND section 4.2 which meets the Baltic Sea and Alaska regulations.

The ACT2 Piranha MSD not only eliminates all bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens, it also biologically digests these micro-solids to water so there is little to NO SLUDGE to store in “Sludge tanks”, pump overboard, or ashore.

The ability to turn the vessel sewage to potable water opens many doors.  Piranha has the ability to produce pure, “SPOT FREE”, water for technical or washdown water that will be equal to, or better than the yacht’s on board RO plant without depleting the potable water tanks during a washdown.

  • No need to turn the MSD off while swimmers are in the water.
  • No sewage smell going up the vent and ending up on the deck for the yacht owner to notice.
  • The discharge water can be used for re-flushing heads, technical water or wash-down operations as an option.
  • No need to mess with down-stream sewage discharges that are still contaminated with bacteria and viruses
  • Just being “Legal” does not mean “no pollution”
  • DOWNLOAD: ACT2-Technologies-website-brochure 

24m3/day (above)
32m3 System (above)

SAMPLE P & ID (below)

Sample P&ID

Two 690V 50hz Explosion Proof 40m3/day systems (above)